KU Policies

Enrollment Holds

Students may incur a “Hold” on their university record for a number of reasons and most holds will suspend a student’s ability to enroll in the following semester. The holds listed below are managed by Watkins Health Services and reflect non-compliance with University of Kansas policies that are intended to ensure the health and safety of our students.

IMM - Immunization Compliance

Non-compliance with KU policies on immunizations for meningitis and/or measles, mumps and rubella will result in the IMM hold. You will need to receive the required immunizations before your hold can be cleared. Please call our Immunization Compliance Coordinator at 785-864-9533 to make an appointment. 

Students are to submit immunization records through our secure patient portal:

  1. Login using your KU online ID and password. Go to the "Medical Clearances" tab to enter your immunizations and dates. 
  2. From the "Medical Clearances" page, select "Immunization Upload" to scan and upload official documentation verifying your immunization history. Please allow 3-5 business days for these documents to be verified.

Once verified by our staff, your hold will be removed when the daily report runs at the end of each day.

TBW- Tuberculosis

This hold is placed when a student is not yet compliant with the tuberculosis (TB) screening process that is required of all newly enrolled students. For information on how to achieve compliance and have this hold lifted, please refer to the KU Tuberculosis Screening Policy.

ALC - Mandatory Alcohol Education

This hold is placed when a newly enrolled student under the age of 21 is not compliant in completing the mandatory, online AlcoholEdu course. For information on how to achieve compliance and have this hold lifted, please refer to the Mandatory Alcohol Education Policy.

If questions remain concerning an ALC hold, please call the Alcohol Education Compliance Coordinator at 785-864-9533. You can fax your documentation to our Registration & Records department at 785-812-0214.

NPY - Non-Payment of Money Owed

This hold is applied by Student Accounts & Receiveables when a bill has not been paid for an extended period of time. It could apply to non-payment of bills with several different units on campus, including Watkins Health Services. If you have this hold, contact Student Accounts & Recievables to see where you owe money. If the money owed to Watkins, you should pay Student Accounts & Recievables (by way of Enroll & Pay). If you have questions about what is owed to Watkins, please contact our Business and Insurance Office at 785-864-9520.