Notice of Privacy Practices

Each time you visit WHS, a record of your visit is made. This record typically contains medical information about you, including information regarding symptoms, observations, assessments (including test results, diagnoses, treatment and mental health), a plan for future care or treatment and billing-related information.

WHS remains committed to protecting the confidentiality of the health information that is generated as a result of utilizing our services. Our Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP) describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information. It also describes your rights and our responsibilities regarding the use/disclosure of your medical information.

WHS reserves the right to change our NPP and the revised NPP will be effective for information WHS already has about you as well as information received in the future. Should our practices change, WHS will post a revised NPP in our facility where you receive services. 

You may request a printable version of our NPP by emailing our Registration and Records department at

Privacy FAQ

KU is compliant with federal privacy laws and your healthcare is your business. Only in an emergency would we notify whoever is listed as your emergency contact by the university. Otherwise, you have to sign an authorization for us to disclose your information to your family. In some instances, we will accept your verbal approval to disclose or discuss your information, e.g. your family is acting on your behalf in an urgent situation and there is not time for you to send us an authorization. For more information, please call our Registration & Records Office at 785-864-9494.

No. Watkins Health Services will not accept any blanket authorization to disclose medical information that may be created in the future. We want you to be aware of what you are disclosing; therefore your authorization must be on past medical information. For more information, please call our Registration & Records Office at 785-864-9494.