Healthcare Services for Campers

Watkins Health Services (WHS) provides quality healthcare to camp participants as needed. They receive the same high level of care from the same professional staff that treats university students. Our providers are all board-certified and many of our staff members are also parents. We understand the needs of campers and we understand the concerns of parents/guardians. If a camper comes to WHS for care, we will contact the parent/guardian as soon as possible (in compliance with Kansas laws).

In addition to a staff of skilled physicians and nurse practitioners, we have these services within WHS:

  • Laboratory
  • Nurse Triage
  • Pharmacy
  • Radiology


WHS is located within Watkins Memorial Health Center right on campus at 1200 Schwegler Drive, Lawrence, KS  66045.

After-Hour Care

For immediate emergency help, call 911.

For immediate help after normal business hours, LMH Health is located at 325 Maine Street.

Medical Forms

Parents/guardians will be contacted if a participant will be seen at WHS. We will provide guidance on how best to complete medical forms to allow us to provide care of the camper. A provider or nurse will remain in contact with the parent/guardian regarding the outcome of the treatment.

Health Insurance

If any charges are to be billed to any insurance company, WHS must have a copy of the participant's insurance card at the time of visit. Any charges not paid for by the insurance company will be the responsibility of the camper or parent/guardian. PLEASE NOTE: We do not bill Medicare, Medicaid, KanCare, etc. as we are not a participating provider with these or similar government programs.

Additional Information

For additional information about health and safety during camps, please refer to the University of Kansas Youth Programs, Activities, and Camps.