Class Note Policy

Watkins can provide a class note when a student has seen one of our providers and missed class or work as a result of a medical condition. WHS does not write class notes for conditions not evaluated by one of our providers.

If your professor or work supervisor expects a “Class Note” because you missed or will miss class or work due to illness or injury, you may request a free “Appointment Confirmation Letter” which provides:

  • The Date & Time of your appointment plus the Time you checked in for your appointment.
  • Any instructions given to you by the provider, such as “stay home until fever-free for 24 hours,” “stay home until rash has cleared,” “patient is contagious for 48 hours,” etc.
  • An original signature of the person who provides you the letter plus an embossed stamp to validate the authenticity of the letter.

To obtain an Appointment Confirmation Letter:

  1. A Watkins provider must have seen and treated you for this illness or injury.  We cannot provide a letter after the fact if you were not seen here. 
  2. Our letter does NOT excuse your absence. It documents that you were treated at Watkins for your illness or injury. Only your professor or work supervisor can excuse your absence.
  3. You have a choice for delivery of the letter: In-person at Watkins (free), or by USPS mail (for a $10 fee).  We will not email or fax it to you out of privacy concerns.

 If you qualify for a letter (per above), you can request one at the Registration Desk.