A patient visits with a Watkins provider in a patient room

Gender Affirming Care

Gender affirming care validates the individual thoughts, feelings and identity of our patients and allows autonomy, decision making and collaboration on medical issues regarding their bodies.

Becoming a Patient

At Watkins Health Services, we know that gender identity is a spectrum and that not everyone’s path is the same. Your first appointment on this path is a consultative appointment where your provider will focus on getting to know you and assessing your personal goals for your journey.

Types of Appointments

Initiation of Hormone Therapy

A 60-minute appointment intended to explore the process of beginning hormone therapy for the first time.

This appointment accomplishes medical clearance for initiating hormone therapy and addresses any health-related questions or concerns. You may choose to establish a relationship with a mental health clinician through Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) or another therapist of your choice as part of your individualized gender-affirming care plan.

Continuation of Hormone Therapy

 A 60-minute appointment for those that have established hormone therapy at another clinic and would like to transfer this care to WHS.

In order for the provider to give you the best care possible within this appointment time, please try to have any records related to your current hormone therapy faxed to WHS or bring a copy of these records with you to your appointment.

Follow-up Hormone Therapy

A 20-minute or 30-minute appointment that is subsequent to an Initiation or Continuation of Hormone Therapy appointment at WHS.

Nurse Visit

 A 10-minute or 20-minute appointment with a nurse, in which the nurse can administer hormone injections or teach you how to self-administer hormone injections safely. This appointment type can only be scheduled by calling the Nurse Helpline during normal business hours at 785-864-9583.

How to Schedule and Prepare for an Appointment

Appointments may be scheduled:

Check-in kiosks make checking in for your appointment quick and convenient. Just be sure that your insurance information is updated, if applicable!

By updating your Preferred Name through the Enroll & Pay system, that preferred name will populate into your medical record at Watkins Health Services. This will allow WHS staff the ability to refer to you in the manner you choose, rather than by your legal name. 

Pronouns may also be specified in advance of your appointment at WHS. You may enter these via the patient portal, which will then populate into your medical record at WHS.

Costs for Gender Affirming Care

Every student at KU pays a health fee each semester as part of the mandatory campus fees. The health fee entitles the student to be seen by our providers at no charge for the office visit. There would be a charge for any services performed. We will bill any insurance company other than Medicare or Medicaid plans. You will be responsible for any non-covered charges. If you have questions about charges for specific services, please call our Business Office at 785-864-9520.

Wellness Wednesday Webinar on Gender Affirming Care (9/7/22)