About Watkins Health Services

Watkins staff gathered around the Watkins Memorial Health Center sign in front of the building

Our Mission

Watkins Health Services (WHS) supports the student’s learning experience through the delivery of high-quality affordable healthcare services and innovative programs that promote the health of the student, University and community.

Located in Watkins Memorial Health Center, WHS provides comprehensive medical care and outreach programs through a team of dedicated professionals. As a student-focused, student-friendly center, our mission is to advance the quality of life for university students, improving academic performance and increasing retention.

The WHS clinicians and staff recognize the importance of personal care and individualized attention and stay current with the ever-changing discipline of collegiate medical services. WHS is a unit within the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs and works with many university departments to maintain our focus on serving students.

As of 2021, The University of Kansas Health System and LMH Health assumed responsibility for medical management and oversight of Watkins Health Services.

Diversity Statement

As your healthcare team in our campus community, we will provide supportive care in a manner that is sensitive to cultural, racial, religious, and other differences. We will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual preference, national origin, disability or source of payment.

We respect your role in making decisions about your care and encourage you to participate in decisions about your healthcare. Talk with your caregivers and actively participate in planning your care to help ensure that the care you receive reflects your dignity, your desires and your values.

We will respond to your reasonable requests for treatment and to your healthcare needs, depending on both the urgency of your situation and on our ability to provide the kind of treatment you may require.

C.I.CARE Philosophy

Our commitment to exceptional customer service

CONNECT with customers by calling them by their proper and/or preferred name

INTRODUCE yourself and your role

COMMUNICATE what you are going to do, how long it will take, and how it will 

impact the customer

ASK permission before entering a room, examining a person, or undertaking an 


RESPOND to a customer’s questions or requests promptly; anticipate their needs

EXIT courteously with an explanation of what will come next

Logo of blue hands reaching around a red heart with the words c.i.care next to the graphic with a tagline that reads fostering a positive customer experience