Eligibility for Services

A student sits in the waiting room at Watkins Health Services

Lawrence Campus Students

WHS primarily exists to provide healthcare to currently enrolled students of the University of Kansas who are eligible to receive some services at no cost and others at the reduced "Health Fee" rates. Learn more about your required campus health fee.

Spouse/Domestic Partner of Student

The spouse or domestic partner of a currently enrolled, KU student is eligible for the same healthcare services at WHS per the required protocol:

  • The student must accompany the spouse/domestic partner on the initial visit AND both must go to the WHS Business Office to complete the Spouse - Domestic Partner Guarantor Form for the official record. You may request a printable version of our Spouse - Domestic Partner Guarantor Form by emailing our Business Office at whs-billing-insurance@ku.edu.
  • The student must accept financial responsibility for all services provided to the spouse/domestic partner per the Spouse - Domestic Partner Guarantor Form. 
  • The services for the spouse/domestic partner will be charged at our Non-Health Fee rates.

Past Students

Watkins Health Services offers a Grace Period for recent graduates as well as students not currently enrolled in classes. You may continue to use Watkins Health Services for 90 days after your last date of enrollment. The Health Fee cannot be charged to patients that fall under the Grace Period category. Instead, these students will pay the Non Health Fee Rate for services at WHS. Please call the Business Office at 785-864-9520 with questions or concerns regarding rates, billing and charges during your Grace Period.

KU Medical Center & Edwards Campus Students

Students enrolled exclusively at KUMC or Edwards Campus with no classes on the Lawrence Campus may still find it preferable to receive their healthcare at Watkins Health Services, e.g. if they live in Lawrence. Two options are available to access services:

  1. Pay the full semester Health Fee for the Lawrence Campus which entitles you to:
    • No charge to see most WHS providers (MDs and APRNs)
    • Reduced charges for lab tests, x-rays, medications and medical procedures
  2. Pay an office visit charge each time you see a provider and other services at our “Non-Health Fee” rate which is higher than what Lawrence campus students pay for these services

With either choice, WHS will bill any insurance plan you have (except for Medicaid, Medicare or other such government plans). We may or may not be in-network with your insurance plan so that may affect what you owe to WHS for the care you receive. Please note that no insurance plan will cover the Health Fee mentioned in Option 1. If you are unsure about which option is better for you, contact our Business Office at 785-864-9520.

KU Faculty & Staff

WHS also provides services to employed faculty and staff of KU and the KU Affiliated Corporations. Refer to Faculty and Staff Services for more information.