Tips on Using Watkins Health Services During the Summer

Students Enrolled in Summer Session

In accordance with the KU Comprehensive Fee Schedule, students enrolled in classes must pay “Required Campus Fees,” part of which is the Watkins Health Fee. Students who are enrolled in four or less hours in the summer are only assessed an hourly, pro-rated amount by the University. When a partial-fee-paid student is first seen at Watkins Health Services (WHS) the remaining unpaid amount of that semester’s Health Fee is charged. This makes the student “whole” with all other KU students who have paid the entire Health Fee. Paying the full Health Fee supports health center operations and entitles the student to be seen by our providers at no charge for office visits and discounted rates for lab tests, medications and any procedures performed. 

Students Enrolled in Spring, Not Enrolled in Summer but Enrolled in Fall

These Students ARE eligible to use our ancillary services in the summer (Pharmacy, Lab and X-ray) without paying the Summer Health Fee. Fees charged for these services are higher than for someone who does pay the Health Fee. However, students seen by a provider for an office visit will be charged the full cost of the Summer Health Fee. The Summer Health Fee is a one-time charge and will allow that student to continue seeing our providers during the summer from June 1 to July 31, AND it will allow the student to receive the lower charges for services.

Recent Spring Graduates and Students who were Enrolled in Spring but Not Enrolled in Summer and Fall

As of June 1, these students are considered to be in their 90-Day Grace Period. They are eligible to use our services BUT they do not pay the Summer Health Fee since they are no longer “KU students." The charges for services are at the higher, Non-Health Fee rate and there are charges for office visits when seeing providers.

Additional Information

The Summer Health Fee covers the time period of June 1 to July 31. The Fall Health Fee covers the time period of August 1 to December 31. The Spring Health Fee covers the time period of January 1 to May 31. For questions, call the WHS Business Office at 785-864-9520.