Policy Compliance

The following policies are established by The University of Kansas and are monitored for compliance by Watkins Health Services.

KU Immunization Compliance Policy

Watkins Health Services (WHS) must have evidence of a student’s compliance with the following immunizations. In the absence of this evidence, an enrollment hold will be applied and the student will be unable to enroll in subsequent semesters.

  • Measles, Mumps & Rubella (MMR): All newly enrolled students born on or after January 1, 1957, must show proof of two vaccinations for MMR. History of the disease is not sufficient for compliance unless accompanied by a positive quantitative blood titer. A student may choose to sign a waiver* indicating that they: 1) Have a medical condition that precludes them from getting the vaccine; 2) Are pregnant; Or, 3) Have religious reasons for not having the required vaccinations.
  • Meningitis: All newly enrolled students living in university-owned group housing are required to be vaccinated with the quadrivalent meningococcal vaccine which protects against A, C, Y and W-135 types of meningitis or sign a waiver* indicating that they decline vaccination. If the student received this vaccination more than five years prior to beginning attendance at KU, it will be necessary for the student to receive a booster dose. We recommend the student receive this booster prior to attending Orientation. For more information, refer to KU's policy for Meningitis. If you have questions about Meningitis or the vaccine, please refer to our Meningitis FAQs. The meningitis B vaccine does not fulfill this requirement but is also recommended.
  • Students may submit their immunization history using our Immunization Screening Form which must be completed by a medical provider. The form can be found on our Forms page. It is also acceptable to submit a copy of immunization records from an official source, such as a physician’s office, or a school transcript that contains this information. All immunization forms or records submitted must include full name and date of birth. Questions about other acceptable proof of immunizations may be directed to the WHS Immunization Compliance Coordinator at 785-864-9533.
  • *Before a waiver is granted, the student must meet with the WHS Medical Director.

Students should submit immunization records through our secure patient portal accessible seventy-two (72) hours after enrollment:

  1. Login using your KU online ID and password. Go to the "Medical Clearances" tab to enter your immunizations and dates. 
  2. From the "Medical Clearances" page, select "Immunization Upload" to scan and upload official documentation verifying your immunization history. Please allow 3-5 business days for these documents to be verified.
Students should submit their immunization histories no later than the first day of classes to avoid an enrollment hold. If questions remain, please call 785-864-9533.

KU Tuberculosis Screening Policies

These policies are compliant with regulations of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

International Students

All newly enrolled or re-enrolled international students are required to be screened for tuberculosis by Watkins Health Services upon arrival on campus and prior to enrollment.

  • A TB blood test will be done during International Student Orientation physicals unless documented results are presented for a blood test performed in the U.S, within the past 12 months. Results from outside the U.S. cannot be accepted.  Tests performed by Watkins Health Services are a covered benefit under the KBOR United Healthcare Student Resources insurance plan.
  • Documentation must be presented for any prior treatment for latent or active TB and a chest x-ray will be required.
  • Chest x-rays will also be required for any student with a positive or indeterminate TB blood test unless WHS is presented with documentation for a normal x-ray performed in the U.S. within the past six months.
  • All international students are required to complete the entire process for TB screening and subsequent treatment when specified by WHS providers. Failure to do so will result in dis-enrollment from the University and subsequent notification to the Office of International Students and Scholars that you are no longer enrolled.

U.S. Students

All newly enrolled or re-enrolled U.S. students must be screened for tuberculosis during the enrollment process by answering specific screening questions (see below). Further testing may be required depending on these initial screening results. Students will be notified if further testing is required. If further testing is required, failure to complete that testing will result in an enrollment hold on the student's academic record. The student will not be able to enroll for the following semester until he/she has completed the TB screening process and the hold is lifted. If questions arise, please contact the WHS Immunization Compliance Office at 785-864-9533.

TB Screening Questions for U.S. Students:

  1. Have you ever had a Tuberculosis/TB test with a result that was positive which indicates TB infection?
  2. Have you ever been told that you have had close contact with someone who was sick with TB?
  3. Were you born in a country NOT listed below?
  4. Have you spent at least three months in a country NOT listed below?

According to the World Health Organization, these are the countries NOT of concern for Tuberculosis:

Albania Dominica New Zealand
American Samoa Finland Norway
Andorra France Palestine (West Bank and Gaza Strip)
Antigua and Barbuda Germany Puerto Rico
Australia Great Britain/North Ireland (UK) Saint Kitts and Nevis
Austria Greece Saint Lucia
Bahamas Grenada Samoa
Barbados Hungary Slovakia
Belgium Iceland Slovenia
British Virgin Islands Ireland Spain
Canada Israel Sweden
Chile Italy  Switzerland
Costa Rica  Jamaica Turks and Caicos Islands
Cuba Jordan UAE
Cyprus Luxembourg USA
Czech Republic Malta US Virgin Islands
Denmark Netherlands Wallis and Futuna Islands

For more information see our Tuberculosis FAQ

Mandatory Alcohol Education

These policies are compliant with regulations of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

International Students

The University of Kansas requires all new students under the age of 21 to complete an online alcohol education course - AlcoholEdu for College. Students who are required to complete AlcoholEdu will receive notification of the deadlines and course instructions. Failure to complete the course by the designated deadlines will result in an enrollment hold on the student's account.

For more information read the complete policy, or visit the Alcohol and KU.

If you have an enrollment hold due to non-compliance with the University's Mandatory Alcohol Education policy, you will need to complete both parts of the online alcohol education course before your hold can be cleared.

Course instructions are available on the Alcohol and KU website. Go to your KU Enroll & Pay account to access the course.

Enrollment Holds

Students may incur a “Hold” on their university record for a number of reasons and most holds will suspend a student’s ability to enroll in the following semester. The holds listed below are managed by Watkins Health Services and reflect non-compliance with University of Kansas policies that are intended to ensure the health and safety of our students.

“IMM” - Immunization Compliance

Non-compliance with KU policies on immunizations for meningitis and/or measles, mumps and rubella will result in the IMM hold. For information on how to achieve compliance and have this hold lifted, you will need to receive the required immunizations before your hold can be cleared. Please call our Immunization Compliance Desk at 785-864-9533 to make an appointment. If you have already received the required immunizations, please bring your immunization records to the Immunization Compliance Desk located on the first floor of Watkins Health Center. You can also have your health provider or previous school fax your immunization history to 785-812-0214. Once verified by our staff, your hold will be removed.

“TBW” - Tuberculosis

This hold is placed when an international student is not yet compliant with the tuberculosis (TB) screening process that is required of all international students. For information on how to achieve compliance and have this hold lifted, please refer to the KU Tuberculosis Screening Policy drop-down above for International Students.

“TBQ” - Tuberculosis

Students who are from the United States are now required to complete a TB screening as well but it is performed in a different manner than that which is done for international students. Therefore, noncompliance will result in this hold. For information on how to achieve compliance and have this hold lifted, please refer to the KU Tuberculosis Screening Policy drop-down above for U.S. Students.

“ALC” - Mandatory Alcohol Education

This hold is placed when a student under the age of 21 is not compliant in completing the mandatory, online education related to the use of alcohol by college students. For information on how to achieve compliance and have this hold lifted, please refer to the Mandatory Alcohol Education drop-down above.

If questions remain concerning any Hold, you may call 785-864-9533. To fax your documentation to our Registration & Records department: 785-812-0214.

"NPY" - Non-Payment of Money Owed

This hold is applied by Student Account Services when a bill has not been paid for an extended period of time. It could apply to non-payment of bills with several different units on campus, including Watkins Health Services. If you have this hold, you need to contact Student Account Services to see where you owe money. If the money owed is here with us, you should pay Student Account Services (by way of Enroll & Pay). If you have questions about what is owed, please contact our Business and Insurance Office at 785-864-9520.

Study Abroad

Our department works closely with the Office of Study Abroad (OSA) to ensure the health of students traveling outside of the United States during their academic career at The University of Kansas. Those students who are traveling abroad as part of a university-affiliated class or program are required to obtain a Travel Health Consultation from a clinician at Watkins Health Services. There are two options for fulfilling this obligation:

  1. Students traveling to countries considered to be "Low Risk" (which is about 75% of KU students who travel) are required to attend a group-based Travel Health Consultation offered by Watkins Health Services. Refer to the OSA site for upcoming dates.
  2. Students traveling to countries not considered "Low Risk" or students who have a physical or psychological condition, for which they are currently receiving treatment or have received treatment in the past, must schedule a travel health appointment with a clinician at Watkins Health Services.

Further information about compliance with these requirements is available on the OSA site.

Class Note Policy

Watkins can provide a Class Note when a student has seen one of our providers and missed class or work as a result of the medical condition.  WHS does not write class notes for conditions not evaluated by one of our providers.

If your professor or work supervisor expects a “Class Note” because you missed or will miss class or work due to illness or injury, you may request a free “Appointment Confirmation Letter” which provides:

  • The Date & Time of your appointment plus the Time you checked in for your appointment.
  • Any instructions given to you by the provider, such as “stay home until fever-free for 24 hours,” “stay home until rash has cleared,” “patient is contagious for 48 hours,” etc.
  • An original signature of the person who provides you the letter plus an embossed stamp to validate the authenticity of the letter.

To obtain an Appointment Confirmation Letter:

  1. A Watkins provider must have seen and treated you for this illness or injury.  We cannot provide a letter after the fact if you were not seen here. 
  2. Our letter does NOT excuse your absence. It documents that you were treated at Watkins for your illness or injury.  Only your professor or work supervisor can excuse your absence.
  3. You have a choice of delivery of the letter:  In-person at Watkins (free), or by USPS mail (for a $10 fee).  We will not email or fax it to you out of privacy concerns.

 If you qualify for a letter (per above), you can request one at the Registration Desk.

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